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To make either an office or online appointment with Dr. Semon, click the Register button below, complete the intake form and you will be provided a username and password which will allow you to make your own appointment online. You will designate the type of appointment (office or online), specify the amount of time for the session and have the paperwork completed so we can get started immediately.

Scheduling the first session for two hours, if it’s at all possible, allows you to share your story and gives me time to make specific suggestions and recommendations.

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Dr. Michael G. Semon

I have practiced Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy for 30 years. My approach with couples comes from a systems orientation and recognizes that both people in a relationship have their part for which to assume responsibility. For example, one person may be so focused on getting tasks accomplished that time together is neglected. The other person may be so focused on finding time together that necessary tasks are neglected. While both people may be “right”, willing, shaping and moving your partner to see things your way doesn’t work. Leaving your partner alone doesn’t work either. So what does work? I call it the third approach.

Dr. Michael Semon


Individual Counseling

Whom do you trust to listen without judgment or criticism? You get through those hard places in life by allowing another to walk through them with you: Together. A little encouragement here and a little direction there is what I do as a counselor at Relationships Incorporated. Give me a call today. Read more


Will-Conflict is the most destructive element in all relationships. It polarizes your positions, eliminates affection and drains the energy from your marriage. How do you overcome will-conflict? You better have a plan. Read more


Children only respond as maturely to life’s challenges as their parents. He’d spend twenty years telling his wife what she wanted to hear, never honestly taking the risk of letting her know him or be known. Their seventeen-year-old son was completely unable to tell the truth. Who would you say needed help? . . . The Family!
Read more


What others have said

I cannot begin to express how you have impacted my family for future generations.

"Your sessions have meant so much to my mental, emotional and families wellbeing! I cannot begin to express how you have impacted my family for future generations. I have also enjoyed the corporate services that you have performed. The insights that you offer, being spiritually based, are also meaningful for the community that we are in. Thanks!"


Dr. Semon is understanding, wise, and quite intuitive.

"As a Christian pastor I was seeking someone who could incorporate orthodox Christian principles with current counseling techniques. Dr. Michael Semon has balanced both of these aspects in the counseling process for me over the past four years. Dr. Semon is understanding, wise, and quite intuitive. His use of modern fables helps to bring a higher level of consciousness of self into sharper focus. I highly recommend Dr. Semon for anyone who wants to gain deeper insights into how we best function in healthy relationships with ourself and others."


Relationships incorporated and Dr. Michael Semon are incredible.

"Relationships incorporated and Dr. Michael Semon are incredible. My husband and I have both seen him separately and together. Dr. Semon has his own experiences to help him better understand and help us in our situations. He is very easy to talk to and very easy to get in touch with when needed. If you're looking for someone to understand and help you in your struggles Dr Semon is a great choice!"


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