I have practiced Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy for 30 years. My approach with couples comes from a systems orientation and recognizes that both people in a relationship have their part for which to assume responsibility. For example, one person may be so focused on getting tasks accomplished that time together is neglected. The other person may be so focused on finding time together that necessary tasks are neglected. While both people may be “right”, willing, shaping and moving your partner to see things your way doesn’t work. Leaving your partner alone doesn’t work either. So what does work? I call it the third approach.

I have developed a Specific Plan of Action using easy to understand concepts that help couples address core issues in their relationship designed to turn it around almost immediately. Appointments are available on Saturday mornings.
The typical process unfolds this way:

  • One: Gather basic information, provide an outline of the process and explain homework.
  • Two: Make specific application of the process and plan to your relationship.
  • Three: Review the application of the process and plan and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Four: Fine tune the process and plan toward graduation!
  • Five: Develop a maintenance plan to stay on track.

Obviously, each couple is different and this outline of five steps takes time to complete based on many factors.