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How do you openly, honestly, respectfully disagree or be different from your partner and still be a good husband or wife?  The way to be a good husband or wife is to know how to openly, honestly and respectfully disagree or be different from your partner. This sounds easy in a vacuum, but when the differences matter to you it’s not quite so easy.

At the beginning of your relationship you placed your life in your partner’s hands and they put their life in your hands. You were determined to take care of each other and you did for a long time. Although you both assumed responsibility for each other, you retained the authority for how your partner should take care of you based on all you’ve done for them.  When your partner doesn’t give as much, invest as much or participate as much as you then you begin feeling like you are getting the short end of the stick. You think, “That’s not fair.”  Now when both people in a relationship are doing this to each other in different ways will-conflict develops.

Will-Conflict is the most destructive element in all relationships. It polarizes your positions, eliminates affection and drains the energy from your marriage. How do you overcome will-conflict? You need a guide to implement a plan to overcome will-conflict.   I am that guide and Relationships Incorporated is the map.  You’ll be glad you did.

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