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Family Relationship Marriage Therapy Birmingham AL

Families change! Healthy marriages are made up of two people able to embrace each other’s differences. Effective parenting parallels healthy marriage, as parents love their children and challenge them toward maturity. In fact, children and adolescents never face life any more maturely than their parents.

Developing perseverance, stamina and determination in the face of adversity, isn’t as much taught by parents as caught by children as they adsorb these characteristics from their parent’s lives. Effective parenting is about knowing that transparency and vulnerability are characteristics of authority rather than indicators of weakness. As parents discern the differences between anxiety and love, adolescents are released to face their fears and embrace life more maturely.

At Relationships Incorporated, we help parents and their adolescents’ navigate through their anxiety and fears to face life with greater perseverance, stamina and determination. Raising a parent’s threshold for their teen’s discomfort, both parents and adolescent’s grow from the experience.

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