How To Give And Receive In Relationships

How to Give and Receive in Relationships

One of the most important components in all relationships is How You Give and Receive. Recognizing the difference between giving and receiving resulting in resentment/entitlement versus giving and receiving resulting in gratitude and rest. This is why I’ve developed this video series titled "How to Give and Receive in Relationships."

Benefits of The How You Give and Receive video series:

  • Stop the seeds of resentment from even being planted in your relationship.
  • Recognize and stop feelings of being stuck or trapped in your relationship.
  • Appreciate the differences between living above the live or below the line.
  • Leave the bind you find yourself in and return to the bond you once enjoyed.

Let others speak for themselves:

“I wanted to thank you for providing us the video series “HOW to GIVE and RECEIVE in RELATIONSHIPS”. I found that the visual content makes the concepts much easier for me to grasp, as I am a very visual learner. Although we had discussed these topics on numerous occasions, the light bulb really turned on after watching these short videos. I found myself watching and taking notes on each video several times. As a long time believer, my knowledge of who I am in Christ is not new to me. However, the idea of 100/100 was a completely new way of looking at my life and the basket of stuff that we have that requires our attention. Taking steps to making sure we are focused on the important tasks in the basket, removing unnecessary tasks, and being grateful for anything anyone does to take some of my 100% has had a huge impact. I have shared the videos with my family, my doctor and my friends. Their feedback has been equally positive. Keep up the good work.”



Your videos, concepts, and tools are key to this marriage transformation if we both use and practice them and I pray that God will help us utilize what you have shared with us



In the middle of a marital crisis, a friend suggested that I meet with Dr. Semon, and I reluctantly scheduled an appointment. Counseling was not “my thing”. But Michael taught me a simple lesson that has changed my relationship with my husband (and actually with others as well). He debunked the old saying “marriage is 50/50”. In his video series, segment 4, I learned that marriage is 100/100. I am completely responsible for me! That change in mindset fills me with gratitude and a deep appreciation for my husband. 



I watched them all and its awesome. It was not what I expected but much more.



Get on the same page with your partner setting the stage for growth and intimacy.

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