Individual Counseling

Individual Relationship Therapy Birmingham AL

The concept of “counseling” means different things to people. The primary areas of treatment include Depression, Anxiety and Relationship Struggles.


How many times have you thought depression is because of a personal weakness? In fact, depression is common and results from a variety of situations. If you or someone you love is experiencing depression you can receive the help you need by reaching out and contacting me here at Relationships Incorporated. Hope and healing is available to you today.


Fear and anxiety from the pressures of work, marriage and family relationships or other circumstances is more present today than ever before. Coping with the stress, pressure and tension in life is different for different people. Addressing anxiety in an effective way helps reduce its debilitating effects and helps you live more rested and at peace.


I’m often asked if I see couples together or individually. If the emotional reactivity is so high that the couple is not able to sit together without blaming the other person or thinking, “I hope he heard that” and missing her part as a result, then it’s best to see that couple individually a few sessions until they are able to sit in the same room without exclusively focusing on each other, which is the problem in the first place. If a couple is able to listen and consider what their partner is saying while in the same room, then I see them together.

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