Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much will these sessions cost?   The first session is for two hours and the fee is $ 400.00. All following sessions are for one hour and the fee is $ 200.00 for each session.  I accept Visa and MasterCard payment methods.
  2. Does health insurance cover these services?    Health insurance does not reimburse for my services. Health insurance companies require a diagnosis and couples counseling or marriage therapy does not utilize a medical model.  Therefore, a diagnosis is not necessary to help couples establish a relationship approach to that restores the relationship.
  3. How long will this process take?   Obviously, this answer depends on what you want. At a minimum, the process takes approximately a month to six weeks.  I will introduce the concepts, identify and reinforce the plan of action helping you get on track and fine tune the plan.  I can usually accomplish my part in four sessions over a six week period of time.
  4. Do you give homework after the sessions?   Yes, one of the most helpful components of counseling is homework.  The homework I give couples helps them learn the process for building a successful relationship as you engage and complete the homework.
  5. How is what you do different from other counselors?    I will give your money back if you don’t leave our sessions with a clear plan of action. My part is to be your guide charting the way to achieve a successful relationship.  Your part is to implement the directives I provide.  I will give you the plan and you implement the plan.
  6. Why should I use you to help us?   I am one of the most experienced marriage counselors in Birmingham.  I have been practicing couples counseling for 40 years and have heard it all.  I know the limits of counseling and will not waste my time or your money if your relationship is not going to work. You will know whether your relationship is going to work based on the plan of action and specific homework I give you.
  7. Are you married?   Yes, I was married 28 years and in 2011, my wife passed away.  I was single for 11 years and God brought Nancy into my life.  We married in 2022. I am 65 years old.
  8. Will this help us?   This depends on you.  I will give you the plan of action, guide and encourage you, but whether you benefit from the plan is up to you.  I can tell you that hundreds of couples have benefited from the plan and now know how to have a successful relationship.
  9. How will we know we are making progress?Progress will be evident after our first session.  The willfulness that has fused you and your partner together and pulled you apart in a mutually defensive posture is directly addressed with a clear plan to eliminate it and celebrate each other.  Progress will be clear if you are using this plan of action.
  10. Will you meet with us together or separately?I do meet with individuals separately, but never keep secrets from your partner.  Anything you tell me in an individual session is always open for discussion with both persons.
  11. Do you do individual counseling?  No, I no longer see individuals for depression or anxiety.  I exclusively do couples counseling and focus my entire attention on helping couples.  I do see individuals in the context of their relationship, but the couple relationship is the client. 

    If you have a question, please call or text 205 991-3683 and ask your question.  I will be happy to return your call or answer your text message.

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